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Getting Closer!


As the 2021 golf season is poised to get underway at the Towanda Golf Club, there have been many changes since the end of the 2020 golf season which includes the sale of the Club. The new owners and management will be taking over operations on April 1st. Included with this letter to you, the membership, are the 2021 dues structure and membership application. As always, we encourage your continued support for the Club and are very excited to build a long-term facility.

We know that many of you are concerned for the long-term future of Towanda Golf Club and its ongoing operations. I am speaking for the ownership group, which has made a substantial capital contribution back into the club to assure its ability to grow and improve the course, facilities, and your experience. The ownership group has made a commitment that all their capital contributions, plus future capital infusions, must stay with the club for the first five years. The ownership has also committed to all profits from the club being reinvested back into the operations for the same five-year period. We very much want the new membership to be part of this new adventure for the club, making it a place we can all be proud of.

Here are some of the items that we will be working on for this upcoming season and for the long-term future of the Club.

  • Improvement of turf. The goal for this is to make our course the best conditioned course in both the Southern and Northern Tier. This will be done with an aggressive fertilizer and fungicide program along with better water and agronomics management. My vision is to have the course in tournament ready condition every day.
  • Removal of dead trees throughout the property. We will also be replanting new trees in strategic locations.
  • Improvements to the bar and restaurant. This will include a liquor license open to the public and a new menu. The vision for this is to provide a simple menu yet something that can be consistent time after time. With the bar, you will see improvements made within such as new carpet, removal of the tiki roof, new bar stools and new paint throughout all buildings. Additional improvements will continue over time.
  • Staff training. Having been in the hospitality industry for 33 years this is something that will be my pet project. The level of service will be centered on the attitude that our members and guests come first.
  • Overall cleanliness of all buildings and grounds. Image and appearance are 90% of the hospitality industry. I intend to keep this at the forefront as we move forward with our operations.
  • Formation of 2 standing Committees. One will be a Social Committee. This committee will be planning fun Club events for all members. The other will be the Golf Committee. This committee will be looking at tournaments, the grounds and the greens.

In closing, I am asking that every member please continue with your support going forward. Without you, the Club will not be the Club that we all envision. My door is always open, and I love to sit down with members and guests to talk about their experience at the Club. I want to hear your thoughts and ideas, so we can continue to build on our past and make our Club great again!

Warm Regards,

Joe Acla, PGA

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